Born to Create



I'm Faye Kilday, a creative soul from New Zealand. I work in photography, poetry, resin, painting, glass, found objects, polymer clay, encaustic, fibre art... let me just make it easy and say I'm a mixed media artist!

I have been taking photos since 1992 (I'm showing my age now!) when I enrolled on a 3 month introduction photography course. I loved the course so much I went on to do a year long full-time photography course.. and have been clicking my camera shutter button ever since!

I have sold my photos in exhibitions and on a variety of gift products in shops around New Zealand.

My photos often express movement and that describes me... always on the move taking photos, working on new ideas, or creating with one of the many other arts and crafts I enjoy doing... I was born to create, so there's a few of them (see the list above)!

I often combine together the different mediums I work in to create unique works of art.

You can check out my poetry ebooks at:

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Faye Kilday - Mixed Media Artist

Stitch Markers for Knitting and Crochet. Mixed Media Art by Faye Kilday.