Crochet Stitch Markers - Feet - Set of 4

$8.00 NZD


Product Description

Handmade Crochet Stitch Markers made with love by me :-) Set of four with silver coloured feet charms.

They feature a lobster clasp to hook over your crochet stitch so you don't lose your place.

Approx. length (from top of lobster clasp to bottom of charm): 2.5 cm

They come packaged on a white display card and are attached to a safety pin. You can use the safety pin to store them on when you're not using them.

They make a lovely gift for someone who crochets.

I love to crochet and use my own set all the time. I find them especially useful for crocheting in the round so I don't forget where the first stitch is (one stitch marker has a black jump ring - use this one to mark the first stitch).

They're also good to hang on the loop of your working stitch when you put down your crochet. If your hook falls out your crochet won't unravel.

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